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General Mills (currently represented on the OTA board by Craig Weakly of Small Planet Foods), H.J. Heinz Co. (invested in the Hain-Celestial Group), PepsiCo (Tropicana and Quaker produce a few organic products), and Kellogg’s (owns Kashi), joined a coalition of corporate giants – the “Coalition Against the Costly Labeling Law” – including chemical makers Monsanto and DuPont, agribusiness ConAgra, food processor Sara Lee, the pesticide lobbying group CropLife and the junk food lobbying group the Grocery Manufacturers Association, in spending some $5.5 million to defeat mandatory GMO labels.  – Organic Consumers Association; “Organic Spies Find Ties: Organic Trade” Association “Modified” By GMO Interests

Sign a petition here to get these influences out of the OTA.

I’m not one for participating in something like a food dump, but completely support those who organize and execute something like that.  Activism is what makes our country great; the people uniting to stand up to corporations or government to demand change!  I’m surprised that I am not the ring leader with megaphone in hand; seems like this would have been perfect for me as a child, what happened to me?  I’m ashamed to admit it but I am brainwashed by society and … actually do care what they think…?  I need to remedy this.  I need to be able to speak louder.  For now, my sister and I have started writing messages on our money, “Say NO to G.M.O’s”, etc.  Hey, people track dollar bills around the country, maybe they will look up GMO’s and get informed!  Today I decided I would print out some sort of GMO pamphlet and include it in each of my eBay auctions.   Tiny voice, I know, but it’s a start.



If I had to choose one word to describe my state of mind since July 3rd, it would be overwhelmed.  Ask anyone I know, this is not a common feeling for me, I break down projects and to-do lists like nobody’s business!  But with this I just feel like there is so much to learn and there are so many issues!  You can’t fight for everything, but how do you choose when all the issues are connected and equally important?  I feel like you should pick what moves you most, but that’s easier said than done!! 

Well, I think I decided what moves me most, Monsanto.  Narrowing that down to patenting of seeds (Round-up Ready & the suicide gene), the use of GM seeds and the wildfire of GM cross-contamination, including the devastation it is causing in other countries.  Monsanto will not be satisfied until all our seeds are genetically modified to suit the needs of their pocket books and they’ve created the monopoly that is inevitable if they are continued to be allowed to paten life and steal the livelihood of American farmers – not to mention the actual lives of farmers from other countries such as India. 

So there it is; patented GMO seeds (and anything with Monsanto’s name on it) – I’m coming for you.