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Not something I’ve ever been interested in, until now.  Well, not that I am too interested now but I have issues I feel strongly about and want to know where the candidates stand.  I am a little late in posting this and for that I am truly sorry but hopefully you can use this info before the 2nd!

I sent this letter to all the 2010 RI political candidates and got great results!

Good Afternoon,

I will be voting in November and I am interested to learn your thoughts on food biotechnology and genetic engineering.  I visited your website and the Organic Consumers Fund’s website to see where you stand but couldn’t find any information on the topic.

I ask that you please consider answering the Organic Consumers Fund’s candidate survey which asks 2010 federal and state candidates, “Do you support mandatory labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in food and food ingredients?”

You can answer this question and inform voters like me of your broader views on this subject here:

Organic Consumers Association’s 2010 Candidate and Official Survey

This is one of the most important issues for me and I need to know where each candidate stands prior to my voting.  I appreciate your attention to this and I look forward to your answer (if no answer is given, I will have to assume you do not support labeling).

So far most of my emails have been responded to and with positive answers. 

You can visit the Organic Consumers Association’s website to see who in your area supports GMO Labeling.  (Left hand column, enter you state) 

We’re on the right path, let’s keep it up!  I dream of the day I can shop carefree knowing what is in my non-organic foods!