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Talk about falling off the wagon!  Just as I was thinking about my non-GMO percentage (estimated it was about 98.5%), the Labor Day weekend hit and I spun so out of control!  Friday was good, I went shopping after work and didn’t get home until late but I still managed to eat a healthy dinner at home.  Saturday I packed my breakfast and a few snacks to get me through the work day.  Saturday afternoon I did my groceries and ate a very late, small dinner.   At the last minute, I decided to go out and celebrate my birthday – I don’t really drink so this is a rare occasion and one I have not prepared myself for yet.  I seemed to have a very easy time blocking out all that I know to be true about food and drinks.  I was placed back into my old self who cared more that her drink tasted better with Dole pineapple juice and cigarettes, lots and lots of cigarettes!  I think there was a glass (ok, half) of water somewhere in the first hour, mixed in between those $11 shots of patron and something like maybe Jagger?  Idk, it sure felt  like Jagger in the morning!  Now normally I would find myself racing to get a hot wiener before 2am but I stayed out til 3 and went straight home.  YAY! to no wieners, but BOOOO! to no food, well, there was that half a bag of organic potato chips I polished off while drunkenly facebooking.  🙂  Water?  Yeah, not for me! 

So needless to say I was one hurtin lil birthday girl in the morning and because I live alone, I had no one to help but me!  LOL  I was dreaming of Burger King, greasy burger and fries would fix everything!  Luckily I couldn’t move from my bed so I laid there and ate organic Ritz (365 brand) and tiny sips of water.  At one point I remember putting literally a half of bite of broc & mushroom quiche in the microwave and eating it with a fork in bed – GAG! Garlic does not go with a hangover!  4pm later I skipped a cookout and opted for a Blake’s mac n cheese – pure bliss!  I have to say Blake’s brand frozen meals and Amy’s burritos are my go-to meals lately.  I absolutely love every Blake’s meal I’ve tried and the burritos are perfect lil protein packs for my busy life!  So when I was finally out of zombie mode, I went for a ride with my sister and thankfully she was driving because all I would talk about was Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonald’s…MY GOD SARA, SHUT UP – You’re not eating any of that!  I survived the trip and finally went to bed. 

 I had to work for a couple of hours on Labor Day and then I met my sis to get out on the boat for the day.  When I got there she was stressing what we were going to bring for food as we didn’t really have much outside of our nightly menus and had ZERO minutes to pick something up.  In the midst of the stress-out her mother called and said she was picking up Subway and would we eat it?  “Yes” was the answer that came out of sister’s mouth at the same time I nodded my head – there it is, we both lost it and agreed to eat Subway.  Now if my mother were reading this I am sure she would have to comment about moderation but I’ve never been one to find a happy medium with anything.  Obviously I am able to let my guard down when it’s necessary (for lack of a better word) so I don’t see whats so wrong with my 100% attitude.  I feel better knowing I am back to normal, however I am stressing this upcoming camping trip this weekend….