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I just realized I never posted after my last camping trip!  If you remember, my sister and I went to Maine over the summer and we did pretty good as far as sticking to our diets (I hate that word!).  That was like a practice run for me because in September I went for a 3 day camping trip with a friend who could care less about organics and at the end of the trip, I had to run a 5k up a mountain so nutrition was definitely important to me.  I have to say, I did really good!!  I had a lot of obstacles; I wasn’t driving and room in the car was tight, we were sharing one cooler, I only had a campfire to cook on and everything had to fit in bear-tight containers – keep in mind, I also had all my gear to carry and fit in the car!   Here’s what I packed: A container of the sausage & peppers I had in the freeze with hot dog rolls from Trader Joe’s (I’ve found they have the best bread stuffs, their organic bread is much softer than Whole Foods’), a loaf of white bread (from Whole Foods, 365 Brand, it was pretty good), peanut butter and jelly (which I forgot to keep in the cooler but it kept just fine, I guess LOL), a bag of kettle corn (TJ’s), a bag of choc. covered pretzels (TJ’s), jellybeans (TJ’s), I marinated some steak-tips, cut up green peppers, onions and mushrooms for kabobs, a bunch of protein bars, some protein muffins (TJ’s), cereal and milk, and some misc. fruit.  All in all, I did really well!  My friend brought her mt. pie pans and made pizza-like things in them, they were really good so on Sat we went to a farmer’s market and got some spinach and such; using my own bread, the tomato sauce and cheese were not GMO-free (I know, those aren’t the best choices when it comes to clean eating but you gotta give sometimes, right?).  The race went great, the weekend was a blast and I was not a pain in the ass as far as my food went, and I even turned some heads with the good tasting foods I made! – “This is organic??”  I still don’t understand why “organic” means horrible in most people’s minds.

So I am now convinced that with a little preparation I can do anything I want!  It’s been months before I had to grab something on the road because I was starved and not prepared.   I’m telling you, if I can do it, anybody  can do it!  It’s true, I am SO lazy!!  Not to mention my insatiable hunger!