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Here I go again…

Up, up and away … again!¬† My flight is booked for Easter weekend in PA with my brother’s family ūüôā

I’m so not stressed about it either!¬† I figure, if I can get away with a week’s worth of clothes without checking a bag, I can do a weekend’s worth and use the extra room for food.¬† My sister-in-law (who is my only one but would most likely be the best even if I had 16!) sent me an email telling me she thinks she has a few places where she could get some organics and wanted to know what I would need as she ‘knows how important this is to me’.¬† I love her!

Other things going on in my life… I’ve been pretty good about my meals since I got back from Florida.¬† I made a delicious chicken dish (about 15x now!), the only change I made was adding a bag of TJ’s frozen organic jasmine rice and my chicken was marinated.¬† I also found some frozen organic pork pot stickers at WF’s (Annie Chung’s) – they are awesome!¬† I’ve used them a few times in a pinch; I’ve added a little teriyaki marinade to some of the TJ’s jasmine rice and what a great dinner!¬† Lots of chicken & rice happening, still haven’t made the Italian pot pies!

In my dating life, I’ve met someone and we’ve been spending a good amount of time together.¬† He’s not organic but very open to the idea; hell, if a guy knows what a GMO is already, I’m happy!¬† Saturday was the first time we spent an entire¬†day together and during our afternoon dog walk he looked at me and said, “So wait, you don’t go out to eat, do you?”¬†I looked at him, smiled and shook my head, “Not really, I mean I willllllll¬†but I’d rather not…”¬†we talked about food for the rest of the walk.¬† He jokingly¬†said he could really go for an Olneyville¬†burger and I jumped on the opportunity¬†to make a food plan, “We could go to NY System, you can eat and then we can go by my house and I’ll make something real quick?”¬† While we were at NYS he asked if it bothered me that he ate [conventional food]¬†in front of me, we talked more about food and I told him how I felt about different stuff – Like the wieners being piled up on the counter next to me, meat sauce dripping and the onion smell permeating¬†my nostrils.¬† Man, what I wouldn’t¬†have given to eat one of those…but at the same time, I didn’t want it.¬† I can’t explain it.¬† It’s like I knew I used to love wieners but even if I were to¬†shut my brain down and eat one, I wouldn’t enjoy the taste now.¬† And then his burger came, oh man!¬† It looked soooooo¬†good!¬† But instead of wanting a bite of it, I just made a mental note to put a burger on my grocery list this week.¬† Again with the french fries, it amazes me that I have absolutely¬†no desire to eat a french fry!¬† We talked¬†more about food and how I live my life around it.¬† Then we went to my house where I threw a handful¬†of frozen broccoli into a pot boiling water and a Blake’s chicken mac & cheese in the microwave and within 5 minutes, was eating my own dinner (you know how much I love to appear¬†low maintenance!).¬†I also¬†gave him¬†the remnants of the conventional food in my pantry; 8 months later and my kitchen is almost completely void of any non-GMO¬†food item!¬†¬† Today I noticed he was still logged into Netflix on my laptop so I added Food, Inc. to his instant que ūüėČ



Sometimes eating whole is hard when you’re out living life.¬† Like being single and going on a date.¬† What a great way to make a first impression…as a lunatic!!¬† I’ve never been a huge fan of going out to eat as a first date, but accepted it as the norm and did it.¬† But now what?¬† As if my whole lifestyle isn’t hard enough to explain, now I have to do it before I even meet someone?!

I am happy to say I have met someone who also eats organic!¬† For our first date he cooked for me; pork tenderloin, roasted baby reds and fresh green beans with almonds – YUMMY!!¬† It was such a nice treat to have someone cook for me but I can’t explain the feeling of trust and how good that¬†felt!¬† I’m so used to asking questions about where and what and how, it’s annoying to even me!¬† ūüėõ¬† It was nice to say “This is how I eat” and trust that he was able to make me a dinner that I wouldn’t have to ask about.¬† (There was a tiny portion of my mind that said I was just going to eat whatever he put on my plate even if it weren’t approved, but that was wasted thinking as everything seemed to pass – of course I was secretly looking at labels LOL)¬† Second date?¬† Oh well I got BUFFALO!!¬†Yup, I did!¬† It was both of our first times eating buffalo and let me tell you – YUM!!¬† Oh, but that’s not all!¬† He made a vegetable¬†melody to go along with it “Can you guess the theme?”¬† LOL FALL!!¬† Sweet potatoes, acorn squash, carrots and asparagus ūüôā¬†OH! How can I forget dessert!?¬† 3 kinds of apples dipped in melted caramel!

 (The picture leaves a lot to be desired but take my word for it!) 

Ok, I’ll admit it; there’s been a third date as well, and of course, it included food!¬† This time chicken¬†caccitore¬†with garlic bread and a delicious¬†caprice¬†salad

¬† So far, I’m a happy lil girl ūüôā¬† Of course, I will keep you posted of any more deliciousness to come!