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Out of Control

For more than half my life I fought my parents for control of my life; had they known what was to come they may have made my middle name Independent.¬† Hmm I like that; Sara Independent Polaski ūüėĬ† But I digress…

The original plan for my arrival in Florida was to first stop at Whole Foods.¬† Even still, I thought I’d send myself a care package of things that my parents most likely already have that would be silly to also buy an organic version (peanut butter, jelly, chix¬†stock, bars, pancake mix, pasta, quinoa, etc.).¬† When I told my mother about this she stated she had or is planning on getting everything I packed so¬†it was¬†deemed unnecessary.¬†¬† She then told me she was going to Whole Foods before I came so we should discuss my needs – great.¬† I’m not ready for this!!¬† We sorted through a list and I feel okay about it, but I keep second-guessing my mother’s devotion.¬† I’ll tell you why: she eats out.¬† She has no problem bellying up to a table at any restaurant to eat anything (within her allowed calories anyway).¬† Bringing me to the next area of concern; on this particular call she asked “Are we ever going to go out to eat while you are here?”¬† I didn’t answer, “Hello?”¬†, “Yeah, I’m here, I just don’t have an answer…no?¬† I don’t know”.¬† Then yesterday I needed a reminder if I was allowed to bring food through airport security (I planned on it but am now thinking I can’t!).¬†¬†During this conversation she said “You’re going to be really hungry when you land! Can we go out to lunch after the airport?”¬† Ugh.¬† “Sara, you can get a salad, comm’on!”

That comment sent my mind into the following thread of thought:

Salad?¬† Conventional vegetables? Uck!¬† Why would she say salad?¬† Why would that be what she picked, like a salad with conventional vegetables is “okay”.¬† I don’t understand¬†the¬†food rules people establish¬†for me, they say they¬†understand, but it doesn’t seem like they really comprehend the matter as a whole.¬† What could I eat?¬† Damn, I am going to be starved if I can’t bring my own food on the plane.¬† Oh WTF!?


I hung up the phone and went to check out the airport food choices, talk about frustrating!!¬† ARGH!!¬† I started with Starbucks; they have a section of the website where you can indicate allergies so I checked gluten, wheat, soy, milk and eggs (yeah, well you know…it’s hard to think about actually eating that shit!¬† There’s no ‘making the best decision’, you eat crap or you eat nothing when it comes to food outside of the house!).¬† The only food that was left after those restrictions was the oatmeal.¬† I checked the ingredient list (whole-grain rolled oats (with oat bran), oat flour, calcium carbonate, salt, guar gum, caramel color, reduced iron, vitamin a palmitate, niacinamide, pyridoxine¬†hydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamine mononitrate, folic acid)¬†then I pasted some into Google… X (that was a buzzer sound, “EEEEEEEEEEEEENT!”)¬† Not¬†eating that!

I gave up.  I am going to attempt to bring some packaged food with me; I am not above batting my eyelashes and telling a little lie about a special diet to the TSA peeps!

So I just printed out everything in their area I could find on

Wish me luck!!

….. I am actually having a panic attack right now?¬† Before I could press ‘publish’ on this, my mom called from Whole Foods.¬† Mind you, I am at work and I have a hard enough time shopping for myself when I know where and how much everything is in my area.¬† “$5 mayonnaise, you’d better eat it!” She says in a threatening tone.¬† “Do you need cereal?”¬† I don’t know how to answer these questions!!¬† You know I am like friggen¬†Rain Man¬†when it comes to bargain¬†shopping, cereal at WF is $4/box!¬† Can’t I get that at Publix¬†cheaper?¬† I am paralyzed, I cannot answer, I don’t know what I want/need, I get¬†told I have a phone call and¬†I snap, “I CAN’T DO THIS!!! This is why I wanted to go together! I have to go!”¬† I told her I’d call her back but my body temp just rose, my heartbeat elevated, my head was light and I felt dizzy.¬† Really Sara?¬† Chill out,¬†you f’n stress-case.

I can’t believe I am one of ‘those’ people.¬† I can’t see how flexibility¬†can be had after learning¬†all that I know.¬† How can I shut it off?¬† I’m so frustrated right now I could cry, this is ridiculous.

… Okay, I calmed down, got my thoughts¬†together and called her back.¬† Mostly just to apologize¬†and explain my frustrations.¬† It definitely¬†stems back to childhood when I had ideas and passions that were either silly to her¬†or impractical so they were dismissed.¬† When I decided to be a vegetarian for example, to say that idea was met with resistance would be an understatement.¬† That idea was flat-out refused to be acknowledged (other than to tell me all the reasons it wasn’t happening).¬† So this feeling of complete helplessness and that I am being duped doesn’t come out of nowhere.¬†¬† It’s not that I don’t trust my mother and that I think she would do this on purpose but I know we do not have the same level of dedication to this.¬†¬† Plus, above all else, I don’t want anyone doing this for me, I like to be responsible for myself and if I take care of everything for myself then my diet isn’t a pain in the ass for anyone but me.

Overall, after all of this, I feel good about my mother’s shopping¬†trip and that she¬†has never in my life tried so hard to help me do something I feel passionate about. Thanks Mom.