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OMG GMO?! NO DUH!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I’ve been missing lately, I’ve been really busy but have been cooking new dishes and will be back to tell you all about the yummies… soon!

But I just read this and I had to share with you as I swore off Kashi as soon as I learned what a GMO is, even their organic stuff is off-limits to me because I felt they didn’t care for their customers health so I didn’t want to give them my money.  (I know they’re all the same but the disrespect for my health was obvious in Kashi’s case.)  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this to you in the past… Yes, of course!

PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!  And learn why “Natural” should mean nothing to you!!!
(Reminds me of the reoccurring conversation Tom and I have about meat and how he thinks (or hopefully, thought) that the black Angus burgers he was eating were something I would eat because it was premium beef LOL He’s so cute isn’t he?  But it made me realize this is probably common which makes me saaaaaaad!  I keep asking him “But where did the cow come from?  What did it eat?” – just so it’s clear; I won’t eat anything that didn’t eat grass like it was intended to!  Right? Because we remember that cows don’t eat corn, that it creates E. coli in their stomachs… right?  We all know this, right?  Is it time for a refresher?)


Count-Down & Coffees

My anxiety level increases with every hour that passes at this point!  I mean, planning my weekly menu is hard enough when I am home, how am I going to pull off this trip to Maine??  I’m just going to, that’s how.  People do it all the time.  I am resilient and a leader; I will be prepared to avoid pitfalls, I will be thick-skinned and not let criticism affect me.  I will do this and in an easy breezy way, that will show ’em!  LOL Sounds good in my head, truth is I’m worried.  Luckily my parents are SUPER on board, the only issue with that is they are learning just like me, but mostly from me; so if I know 50% of what there is to know, then they only know 15%.  Which leads to me having to ask “is that organic?”, “where did that come from?” and other what I think are annoying questions for those who could care less, aka my Aunt, whose house we are staying at.  Having our own food will alleviate a lot of this and make everything seem easy.  (I will admit that I hate the idea of having to cook and do dishes at Camp, usually I skate through the entire visit without having to do much of anything – sorry Mom!  But this is all part of my new life now, I have accepted it.)

I stopped at Whole Foods this morning before work and got some yogurt (I am debating P.Y.O. blueberries tonight, I would eat this mix for breakfast), Odwalla bars up the wazoo, 6 organic eggs (just because I feel there will be something made of eggs at some point), coconut creamer for my work coffees (more about that later), a teriyaki chicken breast for Sat. night’s dinner, organic graham crackers (I already got the Bread n Circus marshmallows and organic choc. bars for s’mores), organic instant oatmeal, and organic bananas.  None of this is planned out, I just grabbed what I thought would get me through 3 meals and snacks for 2.5 days plus car time (I will go again with my Sister before we hit the road) – If I hadn’t bought a year’s worth of Odwalla bars, I only spent $21 🙂

 Now about my coffee… I think I mentioned , my Sister and I ceremoniously had our last take-out coffee on Saturday (oh God, its only been 4 days!?!), well I apparently can’t take it!  I always liked to have a “treat” (mocha iced something, ANYTHING!) on hot afternoons when I was out of the office but I didn’t have them everyday and I didn’t think I was going to miss them.  HA!

“TODAY SUCKS AND I WANT A TREAT!!!” I found screaming to myself in my car Monday afternoon.  Because I do not own a GPS I have tried to mentally locate all places where I can find organic products, unfortunately most of the locations I visit for work are in areas where you couldn’t find a piece of conventional fruit let alone something organic.

So I quizzed the girl at McDonald’s:

“What kind of coffee do you use?”

“Um, I don’t know what you mean, regular and decaf?”

“No, the brand”

“Newman’s Own”

“It’s organic?”

“Uh, sure!”

” ‘Sure.’ or ‘Yes.’ ?”

“Absolutely!!”  (said very quickly and sarcastically)

“Ok, well I’m not comfortable with that answer so I guess I’m all set”

“I can show you the box if you want to come up here” – please insert snottiness here

“No, I believe you if you are sure of your answer.  How about the flavored coffee?”  Because it was a flavor shot, I did not get flavored, I got a regular black coffee.

Now what? No flavor, no cream, no sugar, and no place within my allowed time has any of them!  I am raving mad at this point!  What am I supposed to do with this coffee!?!  Exasperated, I stopped at Shell but there was no organic cream (no shit, Sara!) so I broke down and allowed myself a shot of conventional cream; luckily the machine was out-of-order (well, I say luckily now but at that moment I could have ripped the machine from the counter and threw it across the store!) I went back to work defeated.  I couldn’t even cheat!  I went to the work fridge to see what I coud find… CHOCOLATE SILK MILK!?  I’m game, that makes it a MOCHA!!!  YUM!  I was in heaven!!!  Half way through my treat I realized that Silk is probably FULL of GMO’s  😦  I have to check that out still.  Oh! And thanks for reminding me, I need to get that email out to Chipotle still!!

UPDATE: I just found this about Silk:

“…Recently, we noticed that Silk Soymilk is no longer made from organic soybeans. The package is exactly the same, minus the “organic” label. Keeping the packaging the same, but altering the product is very, very sneaky and in bad faith. Please consider boycotting Silk products, contacting Silk, or speaking to your grocer about other organic soymilk choices. Silk now makes a line of organic soymilks in very different containers. I have not found these new organic Silk milks locally, but I wouldn’t buy them anyway…”

I have to say I completely agree with this person; tricky, sneaky and I won’t give my money to someone who only pretends to care about me.  (The carton I drank from specifically says it is made from non-GMO soybeans which made me feel good, then I read the ingredients and realized the soybeans may be free of GMO’s but what about all that other stuff in there?!?!)  This remind me of my beef with Kashi.  I was tricked by their marketing to think they were organic or natural; well I’m pretty sure natural does not include genetic modification, but most of their “natural” products do!!   9/11: *LOOK*  I wasn’t crazy!!

Update: 8/23/10:

Silk® Soymilk, the leading soymilk brand in the U.S., today announced it has enrolled in the Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program. “Silk Soymilk is enrolled in the Non-GMO Project because we believe it’s the right thing to do,” said Craig Shiesley, Vice President for Silk.