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Working to Eat

  I recently lost my second job and am really feeling the pinch!  I didn’t realize how much I depended on that paycheck until it was gone!  As if food shopping wasn’t hard enough, now I have to do it with zero disposable income >:-0

Luckily one of the bloggers I follow regularly has completed her first challenge “100 days of real food” and has moved on to her next, eating whole on a budget.   She is attempting to feed her family of four whole foods for only $125 a week!!  This has truly inspired me as I am only feeding myself and have spent $107/week on average since I changed my diet.  (Fun Fact: before I changed, I spent $94/week on groceries, but $116.50 on total food (including fast food & restaurants), whereas now I only spend $117.25 on total food so it really isn’t more expensive for me!)

Anyway, I’m very excited because I stumbled upon a great website that I had to share:  You just enter all the items you have on hand and it scours the internet to find recipes that you can make with what you already have.  I was able to skip food shopping (well, not skip but I only picked up a few items; I spent $40) this week because supercook found 1264 recipes I had ingredients for!  So not only does this help with my tendency to get bored with the recipes I have in my cookbook but it also allows me to use the food I already have to make something new 🙂  I couldn’t be happier!