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Random Thoughts

One thing I’ve learned from having this blog is that there are a lot of people out there looking to find out if Chipotle uses GMO’s.  I really can’t believe how many hits my blog gets from that range of search.  It kinda makes me want to write another email, this time with a little more detail.  {UPDATE: 4/29: Here is that correspondence}  I just learned of Baja Fresh and really wish there was a location near me.  I just checked to see if I would hit one on my way up to the Catskills this summer; so far there are no stores close to my route.

Yesterday as I strolled through the produce section of Shaw’s looking for some organic tomatoes I wasn’t seeing any marked as organic so I started checking the PLU stickers for that #9.  (If a PLU starts with 9 it is organic, an 8 means it is GMO and just a 4 digit number is conventional)  All of a sudden, I wondered if all GMO produce was labeled with the #8 and realized this would change things dramatically for me!  I looked it up as soon as I could and this is what I came across:  I should know that would’ve been too good to be true!  Oh well.

My Easter trip to PA was great!  My brother and I went to the Giant Eagle Market District on the way home from the airport.  What a store!  Jeeze!  So many things!  My sister-in-law had already gotten a lot of organics for me so we just got a few other things she wasn’t able to find at the regular Giant Eagle.   I made some mac & cheese with black beans for lunch, pasta and sauce w/ corn for dinner.  A cliff protein bar for breakfast, snacks of yogurt, fruit strips, nuts, and a banana.  I was still craving a burger so my brother made a point to get me one ❤  He found this place Burgh’ers that had my mouth watering!  Too bad they aren’t open Sundays 😦  After a trip back to Giant Eagle, we had organic burgers on the grill!  My craving still hasn’t been satisfied though so this week’s menu consists of Burgers, Tacos and Waffles and Sausage LOL I’m thinking I might be a little deficient in my iron intake with all these red meat cravings!  One of the best things for me about my trip was that all the food I didn’t eat will be eaten by my nieces!  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them suck on organic juice boxes!!  I filled their easter eggs with natural jelly beans and gummy bears; my 6-year old niece hated the jelly beans but my 2-year old niece loved them which to me just means the 6-year-old’s tastes are already adjusted to the sweet and salts and artificial flavors.  The number one reason people think organic food is gross is because their pallets are so accustomed to the artificial sweeteners and other poisons that have been added to our foods for the last 30 something years!

This morning I was trying to come up with a solution to lunch and landed on my go-to meal from last summer (tortellini with olive oil, spices and this time I used broccoli) which made me realize just how long I have been living this ‘new’ lifestyle 🙂  Talk about easier now than then!  It just happens, it’s a way of life and requires much less effort – well, maybe the same amount of effort but less thought which makes it seem like less effort…?  I don’t know, it’s just way easier today than it was 10 months ago!