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Day 17; Misc

My mom called me yesterday while they were doing errands, she was headed to Trader Joe’s for her food shopping, “Hopefully they have everything we need”.  I told her to read me her list and I confirmed they had everything she needed except the paper goods.  That wasn’t enough to detour her 🙂 

I’m noticing people want me to put a label on my new habit.  I can’t.  I don’t even have a catchy phrase for what I am doing, I call it “my new thing” or “this journey”.  I’m not going organic or becoming a vegetarian (or a vegan).  I am GMO-free though, that one thing for certain!  I have stopped craving meat and rarely ever eat it (although I still peruse the meat counter of my local Whole Foods but that’s only because all the butchers are soooo cute! lol)  I am much more comfortable buying organics because it takes the GMO guess-work out of it.  Shopping was hard enough before the change!  So until I figure this out, I will refrain from using labels – hell, I’ve never been one to fall within a certain group so I’m sure this won’t be any different! 

I watched The Future of Food last night and all I could say was “wow” when it ended.  I would suggest Food, Inc. to be the first of the ‘series’, if you will, as it touches on all the major issues and opens your mind for the rest to follow.  The Future of Food went into the agriculture issues and was very interesting and inspiring.  Each time I learn more or re-learn something I feel more empowered and want to make changes!  Last night I looked up jobs in the FDA, my specialty has always been infiltration LOL  Seriously though, I want to do something.  I wish I learned about this in high school, I would have went to college and became a scientist; I needed something to believe in and this would have changed my life – sooner.

This morning I bought some coconut milk for my cereal… I am eating it right now and NOT enjoying it!!  I thought the vanilla would put some flavor in my organic frosted (barely) mini wheats – its like a sweet vanilla-coconut candy.  I threw the end of it out 😦  Looking forward to lunch, always do until I get to it the fridge and see what I have LOL  Yesterday morning I realized I had nothing for lunch so I threw some tortolinis (spinach, mottz and walnut filled) with edemame and olive oil and some spices (this has been my go-to meal, I have eaten it cold at least once/day since I started this).  Yesterday I heated it up and it was really yummy, I also used Spike seasoning for the first time and enjoyed it.  I made the same today but with raviolis (can’t remember what they’re filled with, artichoke and something…)  For now I will eat a Stop and Shop organic brand (Nature’s Promise) snack bar…it was alright, not crazy about the taste of the honey they use but its organic and satisfied my sweet tooth, for now 🙂