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Gloopy Gluten

It keeps slapping me in the face, the realization that upwards of 75% off my diet consists of some sort of gloopy gluten!  Slowly this realization has crept into my mind and even more slowly has my mind decided to contemplate the consequences of this.  I mean there are so many people out there who have stopped eating gluten and have cured everything from IBS to depression!  Could I be one of the statistics??  Could I too, be happy and find my lost positivity?

Well, first I’d have to figure out if I could live without this drug.  I’m almost embarrassed to divulge how much of it I actually consume :/

Settled.  I will do another week-long food diary for you, Fall Style!   Maybe then I can do some serious research on the subject and start to rid my pantry of the Gluten Goblins.