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Sometimes I get so f’n frustrated with the BS surrounding my food choices and how hard it is to feed myself non-GMO foods!  Corporations can’t be trusted is pretty much the bottom line, so in my mind it is hard to trust even the Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods of the world.  I know you’ve read many a posts where I flip-flop between loving and hating the aforementioned brands.  I just browsed this discussion board:

I want to scream.  I want to scream so loudly and pointed that the Big Wigs in the offices hear me and do something to help their customers trust them!  Unfortunately even my voice isn’t that loud and I am not in the position to be boycotting the one place that helps me make this lifestyle possible.  I buy a lot of non-organic foods at TJ’s due to their claim of not using GMO’s in their name brand. 

I did find this campaign to ask Trader Joe’s to label their food non-GMO if in fact it is: Click here

Looks like today is going to be day full of more research.  I’ll be back!!