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Research, research, research!

I’ve always enjoyed research, I know, I am odd.  But if you give me a topic, I will kill it with research.  Well, of course this food movement has a lot of info attached to it and it seems the research is endless.  I have learned a lot but I have also been very confused at times.  Not to mention how skeptical I am of everyone and everything!  I am also a natural organizer so I am yearning for a way to categorize and put all this info into its spot, like a quick reference guide or something.  BUT THERE IS SO MUCH!  I find myself clicking through hundreds (okay, maybe not hundreds!) of web pages, signing petitions, learning about one thing leads me to another; one question is answered uncovering 6 more!  My head is kind of spinning.  In the mess of all this, I realized, I am not perfect.  I am not.  I would like to say I haven’t eaten anymore than 5 items containing GMO’s since I started this, I realized today I have made a huge mistake and made it quite often… Just because it says ‘organic’ doesn’t mean it is.  I have to admit, I might have loosened up (yes, I know, it’s too early for that!) and just threw it in the bag if it said ‘organic’ not checking to see if it was certified USDA Organic 😦  I am also at a loss with Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s – I want to trust them but I am skeptical.  Trader Joe’s says anything with their name on it is GMO free.  I wish anything with their name on it had a “GMO Free” sticker!  I would feel much better.  And what about Whole Foods?  I haven’t found any statements about GMOs except in their “Private Lable” which I assume is “Whole Foods” and not 365.  So now I shy away from anything they have that is not in a box with an ingredients list.  Maybe I could go back and research this a little more, without being pulled in a million directions by other links and articles! 

*Update: Whole Foods 365 Brand foods are pretty much GMO-free, and those that are free have the Non-GMO Project Seal 🙂

 My parents over the last few weeks have made a huge change in their diets! Although they are not as restrictive as my sister and I, they are buying organic and really enjoying everything they eat!  My sister and I really enjoy eating out and we were very good about spending money on restaurant food and only did as a special treat, one that we looked forward to and back on for weeks!  Usually with the parents in town we eat out a lot but haven’t been able to this summer (my sister noticed the disappointment on our father’s face when we broke this news to him).  I am happy to say, thanks to we were able to search for restaurants that use organic and sustainable food, and we found THREE in our state!!  We visited one that was close to where my parents are staying (but far from where my sister and I live) It was a nice restaurant who bought locally and used organic foods; noting in the menu what the dish consisted of and where the ingredients came from!!!!  Great place for a first date (something we have been worried about.  Luckily neither of us are currently dating, but that can change at any moment!) The other is a restaurant/bar in the city which is close to us!  The last is Chipotle.  I have to say, my sister and I had a terrible Taco Bell addiction.  We are poor planners who don’t always (hardly ever) agree on what to eat, enter Taco Bell.  We ate there at least once a week (I admit to more than that).  Chipotle is a wonderful alternative to Taco Bell and our answer to fast food!  We munched happily on tacos filled with naturally raised meat and local produce (this is what Chipotle calls “Food with Integrity“).  I did wonder, after of course, where did the corn for their tacos shells come from?  I need to write to them and ask.

Random: I learned that quinoa is not pronounced “quin-o-ah” like I had thought but “keen-wah”.

I do still have this constant nag that I serve no purpose in this world today and I need to change that.  Renting apartments and making sure the books balance seem so trivial to me.  I am a waste of space, taking up valuable resources and doing nothing to improve the world.  In all my research I have found a million petitions to sign but nothing more to help.  I want to do something. I have to. I will not rest until I am happy with my efforts.