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Under the Corporate BS tab in the Pages List you will find all my emails to companies and their responses.  I encourage everyone to send emails to any company to ask or comment on their products.  You are who pays for their businesses to stay in business so you should have no qualms about letting your voice be heard!  Same goes for your government!  Speak up!



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  1. I did just that when I found out three years ago. A friend gave me a brochure on March 31st, 2010. It was from the Institute for Responsible Technology. Life has never been the same but I feel so much better and getting better every day I’m off GE foods.

    The reason I wanted to say hi to you was because I met the person who created that picture with the green background. It was on the Millions Against Monsanto Campaign site on FB almost three years ago now. The person put it out to the public domain and would be very happy to see how much it is getting used. Just thought you would like to know about that. 🙂 I’m part of a Weekly Women’s GMO Free News Google Hangout that is just getting off the ground. We have had one show and I’m hosting the next on March 8th. You might want to check it out. We have a FB page too.

    Blessing to you for all you are doing in this food fight,


  2. Awesome Laurie, thank you for sharing. I will have to check out your group today!
    And thank you for all that you are doing in this fight too!


  3. In order to relieve some of the frustration and anger I felt when I first found out about this, I pulled every box out of my pantry and called every company that had a number on the box. I’ve still kept some of them so that I can call them back again. At first the operators didn’t know what I was talking about and then some of the people at some of the compainies came up with pat answers. Now as soon as they start reading from a script, I call them on it. I’m being real with them and I want them to be real with me. We have a right to know what we are feeding our families and ourselves. That they changed their product in such a way and didn’t tell us is unconscionable.


  4. I love it!! Great job!! I hate when I get the scripted answer!!! It’s almost like Monsanto sent the same script to everyone, I swear they all say the same thing verbatim – and it’s all BS!! I’m love to hear how others are fighting the fight, it makes me feel less crazy 🙂 Like at Halloween, I bought bags of the non-GMO candy UNREAL and a roll of orange duct tape. I attached a flag to each piece of candy we gave out that said “This candy is non-GMO!” I felt like the crazy lady on the block but was happy I did it.


  5. I love that idea! Holloween has been really bad since I found out. It makes me crazy thinking of all those kids chowing down on all the nasty GMO candy when the same companies sell the same product overseas, except that version doesn’t have any GE ingreedients like ours does. Like our kids aren’t worthy!?! It makes me so angry with the food manufactures and candy companies. I always tell the operators it isn’t anything against them in particular but pass it along to the people in charge. The kids love it when I call. They give me high fives and cheer me on. We take all the candy they get from all the events they go to all year long and make gingerbread houses out of them. The year before last we made a village for the public library to display. I’ve been the crazy lady in town for three years now. I talk to total strangers at the grocery store. If my friends don’t get it, it isn’t for lack of me trying. We have a House Hearing this Wednesday and I’m hoping to go. Initiative 522 is in the Ag committees. We shall see what they do with it. In WA if they don’t do anything it will go to the vote.


  6. Awesome! It’s so good to hear your kids are on board and excited! I love the gingerbread house idea, what a great way to include your kids – brilliant!
    Good luck at the House hearing this week, please let me know how it goes.


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