You can find a pretty thorough “about me” section in my first post. Basically, I am a single female living in New England and decided I should keep a blog as a diary of my transition to a whole food diet. Most important facts about me: I eat a lot. I love food. I love sweet, fast and processed foods most! I am living paycheck to paycheck. Food makes me happy and I often base my moods around what I have eaten or am looking forward to eating. I hate to spend time thinking about/shopping for/preparing food. I am stubborn, sarcastic and rebellious. I think my rebellious side took over after watching Food, Inc. I will not let some company force-feed me toxic food  – and I now feel the need to stop them from making it all together!  I really want to quit my job to work on the cause, but I am overwhelmed with the thought of how.


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  1. Posted by Pasquale on January 20, 2011 at 9:25 am

    Hi Sara,

    Thanks for your comments on my Warrior Dash blog. They couldn’t have come at a better time. I watched “Food Matters” last weekend and have been starting to make plans to start switching toward more whole/organic foods. I’m definitely planning to start adding daily vitamins.

    I have read your blog from the first entry to the last and am extremely impressed. I’m also slightly disappointed that there hasn’t been another entry in a while but this has been very educational.

    I saw Food, Inc a while ago and was sickened by it for days. I was making a transition then too but cost really prevented me from being able to stay with it.

    Keep the blog coming.


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