Kitchen Clean-Out: Burgers

So I cheated last night, I suspect you will find this a lot during this project.  Except, there are only so many opportunities to cheat before I am out of cheat meals!

Luckily I have some burger patties frozen and buns in the fridge still.  I started buying 2 lbs of grass-fed beef in the spring to give us a break from cooking on those hot summer nights or for last-minute cookout food (that’s right I have no problem throwing my own burger on someone else’s grill!).  We always kept buns in the fridge and they’d last a couple of weeks (we’d toast them so you wouldn’t even notice thy weren’t as soft as they should be).

In those 2lbs of beef I add LOTS of My Mix, freshly shredded cheese (gouda, pepper-jack, whatever!), garlic, onion, and a little bit of tamari – sometimes I add other stuff like jalapenos.  Then I press them into the perfect sized patties for me and Tom (I even mark them with Ts and Ss).  The best thing is they stay frozen for ever and you don’t even need to thaw to eat – just throw ’em on the grill!


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