We’re back into the swing of juicing!
And I’m out of my 2-cups-a-day coffee habit!!!

But I want to share my most favorite part with you…. You know how I long for “treats” on hot afternoons while I’m on the road for work?  How I used to frequent Burger King for their mochas, or Starbucks for their, well, anything frozen?  Long gone are the days when I can swing by a drive-thru and order up some frozen, corn syrup laden Treat – well, I’m still able to do this, but it wouldn’t make me the super smiley, happy Sara that it once would.  No, in order for that to happen, my drink of choice would have to be free of GMOs and other gross crap often included in “food” products.  I’ve tried multiple recipes for at-home coffee drinks all to no avail, I am unable to get that “OH YUMMMMMY!” reaction I should get from a Treat.
I’ve pretty much given up hope for a delicious at-home frozen coffee drink.  (Unless you have a better idea?)
But, atlas! I have accidentally created a new frozen yum-yum that takes the cake!
Granted, it’s not coffee, but it makes me so happy!!!  😀

Place the following into your juicer:

1 Apple
1 Pear
1 cup Watermelon
1 cup Pineapple
5 Strawberries
1/2 cup Blueberries
1/4 of a Cucumber
1 Carrot
Juice this all up and pour over ice into
– here’s the secret ingredient –
a to-go coffee cup!  Yup!  I think the cup makes all the difference in the world!
I felt like I was drinking a strawberry coolata from D&D (not that I ever really enjoyed those but this made my life!).
It’s amazing what a Treat can do for me, whether I’m at work or just hanging around on the weekends, this is my favorite new summer accessory!


And I had to laugh at the amount of produce Tom and I have on hand, it’s amazing to think we go through this many fruits and vegetables in one week – well, maybe a week and a half.

This is what we juice!




And this is what we eat in salads throughout the week!





When you have this much fruit on your counter, you’re bound to have fruit flies – UGH!  We’ve had so many it’s ridiculous!  But just as it should be, as I reached my limit and just couldn’t stand it anymore, I stumbled across a home remedy for them –
Put some apple cider vinegar in a mason jar, poke some holes in the lid and secure tightly.  The flies will go in after the vinegar but will not be able to find their way out.  So far, so good!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Allen Freeman on September 29, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    The secret to an amazing at home frozen coffee drink is Sweetened condensed milk!!! which can be easily found in organic!


    • Hmmm Thanks Al, next time…. LOL (As I sit here on a rainy Sunday not touching the coffee in front of me – it’s so surprising to me that I actually broke my coffee addiction, it’s like I don’t even like it anymore!)


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