Lazy Picture Post

I have been so busy lately I haven’t had much time to really write, I’m sorry.  But I have been eating!   And trying to take pictures – it’s so hard when I cook this great meal, I just want to eat it!!  So I have some pictures that I haven’t written posts for… Lazy Sara will now make a post all about postless pictures

So this is one of many marinades I made one day.  I wasn’t too found of many of them though  😛  I think this is either Cilantro-Lime or Orange-Cilantro fish over brown rice with grilled pineapple rings and asparagus (I shook the asparagus in oil and My Mix of spices and Tom grilled until just tender).        

Coconut Chicken is yummy!   Shown here with brown rice and grilled veggies (zucchini and rep peppers in oil and spices)     

Yum!  I had left over phyllo dough so I found this recipe for these apple blossoms.  It’s diced apples (5) with raisins soaked in rum browned in butter. Brush the phyllo layers and sprinkle sugar in between (6 layers) (I forgot sugar on some and Tom and I actually liked them better without it).  Place dough into muffin pan and fill with apple filling.  Bake until phyllo is browned and house smells delicious!  They were so yummy (admittedly, for breakfast :x)      
Happy Birthday Tom!!  All he wanted was a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, easy enough!  This is my first organic cake, he loved it but I thought it was lacking flavor (I used Dr Oetker for the mix and frosting)  The frosting was awesome!  I used to be an avid baker but since organic life I haven’t been too thrilled to make any treats because I can’t decorate them like I used to – and that was my favorite part!  I improvised with fresh strawberries and they were really good with the chocolate frosting

So I’ve been drinking 😦  Since we came home from Mexico I’ve been holding onto that life by drinking rum drinks – horrible I know!!  First of all, we all know rum is far from organic 😦  Second of all, F.A.T!  Ridiculous amount of weight has been gained since I moved in with Tom – UGH!  In an effort to have my cake and eat it too, I started juicing my own mixers in hopes it was the juice making me fat LOL It wasn’t.  I’ll give you the recipe though because it was slamming!  1 whole pineapple, 1 mango, 4 oranges, handful of strawberries; the last time I made it I switched out the mango for a watermelon and that was super good too!    No more drinking for me, for a little while anyway.   This is an example of my mixed up lunches.   I had a glass pyrex bowl that had leftover rice and fish, the next night I added potatoes, chicken, asparagus, the next some pineapple and more chicken, so on and so forth – the entire week I would eat what I could for lunch and then add dinner left-overs to it – it was awesome everyday!     

These are grilled pizzas we made.  I used Whole Foods already made crusts and oiled them before putting them on the grill.  Grilled on one side then flipped and added our toppings.  Mine was grilled chicken (marinaded in 1/2 cup of tamari, 5 tbsp of sugar, minced garlic and onion) with smoked gouda, fresh shredded mottz and “caramelized” onions (really just sautéed them in oil for a few minutes).  Tom spread BBQ sauce on his then topped with BBQ grilled chix, gouda, mottz, and parmesan cheese and onions.  They were so good!

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  1. Posted by Allen Freeman on July 24, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    You should try baking from scratch, Cakes and cookies and such are very easy to bake from scratch, and staying non gmo and organic, you can easily make Tasty treats that are better than anything you ever made from a box. It doesn’t take but a few minutes longer than using a box, and is well worth it in the end!


    • Yes, I have all organic ingredients and often make my food from scratch (like cream of something soups) but this was something I was trying to keep secret from Tom until it was presented so I didn’t have the liberty of baking from scratch on this particular Monday morning before acupuncture and work!


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