OMG GMO?! NO DUH!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I’ve been missing lately, I’ve been really busy but have been cooking new dishes and will be back to tell you all about the yummies… soon!

But I just read this and I had to share with you as I swore off Kashi as soon as I learned what a GMO is, even their organic stuff is off-limits to me because I felt they didn’t care for their customers health so I didn’t want to give them my money.  (I know they’re all the same but the disrespect for my health was obvious in Kashi’s case.)  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this to you in the past… Yes, of course!

PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!  And learn why “Natural” should mean nothing to you!!!
(Reminds me of the reoccurring conversation Tom and I have about meat and how he thinks (or hopefully, thought) that the black Angus burgers he was eating were something I would eat because it was premium beef LOL He’s so cute isn’t he?  But it made me realize this is probably common which makes me saaaaaaad!  I keep asking him “But where did the cow come from?  What did it eat?” – just so it’s clear; I won’t eat anything that didn’t eat grass like it was intended to!  Right? Because we remember that cows don’t eat corn, that it creates E. coli in their stomachs… right?  We all know this, right?  Is it time for a refresher?)

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