What Weekend?

I need another weekend to relax after my weekends lately!

I’m selling all the items in my apartment in preparation for our departure so our weekends have been chock full of cleaning, organizing, holding yard sales and moving.  We are often left with groceries to be done and zero energy by the end of our chores; this weekend was no different, except we had been living off the land all weekend and really had no choice but to go to Whole Foods yesterday.  I had planned on making my spring risotto soup and kale soup (I know it’s so not the season but I want Tom to try it so bad, I had to make it!) and a chili casserole so when we got back from shopping I made the two soups and prepped the dry ingredients for cornbread for the chili casserole (I’ll make the bread tonight to go with the kale soup as I love Ritz with it but forgot to grab some).

I’m happy to have soup on hand and in the freezer plus a casserole on deck, I need a little retreat this week!  I’m looking forward to relaxing after work this week, one more weekend to get rid of stuff and then next weekend we’re camping in Hershey PA for Easter, so we need to get as much relaxation in as we can!

Oh, and on the subject of hoarding food in the freezer; I had a ramekin of apple pie poodsies in there since November and I finally used them Saturday morning!  I baked a Trader Joe’s croissant (from the frozen foods section), ripped it apart in a bowl and poured the heated poodsies on top – YUMMY!  It was like a little mini apple pie – for breakfast!!  YAY!!!

We also went to Celestial Cafe which is not only my favorite, but only restaurant I eat at!  I love that place and luckily, now so does Tom!  Anyone in this area needs to check it out!  They source as much as they can from local farms and use some organic ingredients, everything is so delicious and the sangria is the icing on the cake!

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