We’ve Done It Again – Moroccan fish

I’ll admit, I am really bad at planning dinner!  Luckily Tom goes home for lunch and has been my saving grace to avoid coming home at 6 and not having anything thawed – however, I let the entire day go by Monday before I even considered dinner; must have still been high from the delicious leftovers I had for lunch!  Luckily, it was Monday which have been dubbed “Meatless Monday” so I went with it!  (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned Tom’s lack of vegetarianism lately.)  I’m sure I’ve shared the wonderful benefits of quinoa but what always stands out in my mind is its protein power!  Therefore, a salad with some quinoa would be a complete meal! Done and DONE!

I was sure to not slack on dinner Tuesday!  I asked Tom what he’d prefer while we were getting ready for work, we decided on Mahi Mahi (which I’ve determined is my favorite kind of fish!).  I had a recipe for Moroccan fish with couscous that I’ve been dying to try so I made the ingredients/shopping list and headed to Whole Foods before work.  I didn’t make the couscous but was craving the mango so I improvised a little.

Side note: Tom doesn’t like stuff.  He doesn’t like salmon, he doesn’t like quinoa, he doesn’t like kale, he doesn’t like couscous, he didn’t seem to enjoy the mango… He’s already changed his mind on most of those things after trying them once more with me; so I’ve been somewhat comfortable with making him revisit more old flavors, but I am still a little apprehensive as I don’t want to make something he clearly stated distaste for and have him end up not enjoying his dinner.  He wasn’t crazy about the couscous part of this dish, I was going to make it anyway (but make it delicious!) but settled on brown rice instead.  He also eats the same salad every day and he has declared that he likes more of a mix of greens rather than straight baby spinach like I eat.  Okay, back to the story now that you have some background…

My improvising to include the mango without the couscous was to use it in a salad.  I thought baby spinach would be the best greens to go with strawberries and mango and I thought I could add some fried bananas which got me off on a tangent as to what to use for a dressing (another thing Tom is pretty uniformed with, his favorite dressing).  When I got home I rubbed the fish with the spices (I made a mixture of cumin, coriander, chile, and then I have a grinder with a ‘Mediterranean mix’) and put it back in the fridge. 

Then I cut the mango into cubes, squeezed a lime over them and started shaking some cilantro on them – that’s when Tom came in.  “What’s that?”  “Cilantro.  Yum!  It’s my favorite!”  he looked at it questioningly and said he’d never seen spices put on fruit.  Fair enough.  I gave him a bite, “Tangy” (or something like that; something I took to mean, “Ew”) so I put the mango in the fridge and hoped for the best of this meal!  Now I was in a little panic, just a little; he didn’t like the mango and I was about to put it on top of an all-spinach salad and give him a home-made, never-been-tried-before, not-his-favorite dressing.  And it was almost 8:00 and I really didn’t want to make something he wasn’t going to enjoy.  I sent him out to the grill with the fish.

I ended up with a bed of baby spinach, added diced avocado (another thing Tom doesn’t really like!), strawberries, added the mango, and slivered almonds.  I put a container of strawberry pomegranate yogurt (oh yeah, he isn’t crazy about pom either!) in the Magic Bullet, added a little honey, a little raspberry preserves and the other half of the avocado to thicken it.  I thought that was pretty damn good!  But I still wasn’t sure how Tom was going to feel on all this.

I’m so bad at taking pictures of the finished dish (because I am am always anxious to dig in!) so I’m trying to take a picture whenever the thought crosses my mind.  This salad was much prettier all put together with the almonds and everything.

We had a little left over mango from the salad so we added it to the rice with the fish and it was SLAMMING!  Seriously!  The mango with the flavors of the fish – DAMN!  Then I put a little of the yogurt dressing on my rice and YUM!  The salad was delicious in its own right.  I had it all over again for lunch today and it was just as good!  Oh right, you want to know Tom’s take on it all?  Loved it!  Every last bite!  Didn’t even know there was avocado in the salad, definitely didn’t recognize it in the dressing!  And apparently liked the mango as he ate it all from his salad and rice.  🙂  Happy dinners

…oh no!  It’s almost 5pm and I’m just realizing I neglected tonight’s dinner!  Good thing Tom’s off helping a friend move where there will be pizza!

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