Life Is Good

I realized last night when I was preparing dinner that I may have taken for granted the complete turnover to organic Tom’s fridge took; it just happened so quickly, so seamlessly I hardly noticed there was a change.  But there was.  As I pawed through the fridge picking out veggies I realized how great it was to share space with someone and be able to be free to eat the food in our fridge without having to check labels.  How great it is to have found someone as health conscience as Tom; did you know he replaced his morning cup of coffee with a fresh juice?  He did!  Every morning I sit drinking my coffee as I watch him press apples, carrots, celery, pears, cucs, peppers, whatever!

Friday I woke up thinking about a dish we had in Mexico.  It was on my mind the night before as I questioned what spices would bring me back sitting on the kitchen floor of our casa en Mexico, still groggy from a nap.  I now have a new comfort food, food that awakens my passion for travel, reminds me of the relaxed nervousness I felt as my feelings for Tom developed into more than what I feel for a friend.  I knew there was no way I was going to be able to wait a year before eating this chicken again, I had to figure it out!

I ended up with some cilantro, chile, oregano, S&P, cumin and coriander; mas o menos.  Generously seasoned two chicken breast, rubbed it in good!  Then Tom grilled the chicken while I made some rice (365 Organic Jasmine Rice; frozen), added a can of black beans (drained, not rinsed); cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces; mixed it all up then squeezed some lime on top and added cubed avocado – YUM!  It was [almost] perfect!  It was even better Saturday for lunch and dinner!  (Busy day!)

Sunday left me with a scary looking zucchini and a pretty good amount of kale that needed to be eaten.  I had frozen some chicken in marinades on Friday (oil & herb, and cubes for sesame chicken; which I just realized I haven’t posted the recipe for!) and we had a frozen swordfish.  We have been blessed with wonderful weather here, yesterday was 65° so I opted for Herb & Oil chicken on the grill.  I quartered the zucchini and marinated it in a zip-lock with the same oil & herbs as the chicken (this is a huge mix of spices I put together in a jar labeled “My Mix”, it’s great and easy!  Just combine all your favorite flavors into one jar and shake onto EVERYTHING!).










I steamed the kale quickly in about 1/4 cup of water and a splash of tamari.  Then I sprinkled it with some “African Smoke” (from Trader Joe’s, in a grinder).  I added cubed sweet potatoes to the kale water for a couple of minutes then added the 1/2 cooked potatoes to the partially steamed kale, wrapped it in foil and put it on the top rack of the low-heat grill while the chicken and zucchini cooked slowly on the bottom rack (grill was sprayed with organic Pam).  Props to Tom again on his way around the kitchen and grill!
O.M.G!!  What a WONDERFUL dinner!!  Man!

The sweet potatoes and kale were so delicious!  Perfect match, the sweet of the potatoes with the bitterness of the kale…MM’mmmm!  The chicken was juicy and delicious and the zucchini was just as good!  Amazing!  Can’t wait for lunch!

So really, life is great.

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