Good-Bye Gluten

I didn’t bother with any gluten eliminating over the holiday, it was overwhelming enough just being GMO-free.  But yesterday I accompanied my sister while she did her groceries (I didn’t need anything!!) so I was able to do some in-store research to get a feel for what is and isn’t ok and created other questions I have to look into.

After leaving Whole Foods it was decided that this wasn’t going to be easy.  Sure there are plenty of gluten-free foods and plenty of organic or GMO-free foods, but I noticed a lack of products touting both.  I left there with a very wish-washy idea of moving forward with this plan.  (I think that means, I like the idea but am not liking what it entails and am not 100% sure I am willing and/or able to do this.)  Next we went to Job Lot and I loaded up on everything I found to be free of GMOs and gluten, which surprisingly was a nice assortment of things!  I got two boxes of granola, one is chocolate the other is honey nut; a box of chocolate cookies; and a bag of cheddar tortilla chips.  I felt a little better after that as I love cookies, crackers, cakes, and cereals so to find alternatives helped me relax a little.  My sister and I discussed a time line for this all to happen, I personally didn’t land on anything conclusive.  I needed more information.

This morning I started a food journal – my favorite! LOL  I figured if I could record what I eat I could go back and research each item to see if it is permitted, giving me an idea of what I already eat can stay and if not, what it can be replaced with.  I found a good search source today and what I couldn’t find there I just typed into Yahoo “is _____ gluten free?”  and I got pretty much everything I was looking for.  The only exceptions were half and half (it’s TJ’s brand and they say all their dairy is gluten free, this is also backed up by the fact that milk and cream are both gluten-free so …), craisins (these are organic, WF’s brand.  I just looove how WFs hardly lists any product information on their site!  I will check the ingredients and look them up individually), WF’s Thai-ginger sauce on their salmon.

So my intent this morning was to go along, business as usual, and just journal everything and research it later.  However, I am encouraged at what I have found so far and will actively start avoiding gluten!  Yes, I will share my journal with you, of course!

Until then, I will leave you with this: Out of yesterday’s food, I only ate 3 things containing gluten (not including the 3 items I listed as “unsure of” above), 2 Clif Mojo bars and Italian salad dressing.  So far today, I have not eaten any gluten!  I am feeling pretty good today, which makes me wonder if it’s gluten; luckily I have old food journals that I can look at and see just how much gluten I was consuming in those weeks!


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