Can’t Always Get What You Want

But if you try sometimes…. 😉

I told you about my coffee woes last week; it’s been 5 days and I am so happy I did it!  As you know, I am at 50/50 right now, I think my next decrease will be in a couple of days when my crock is empty, I still have about a half lb of each.  The only thing is my coffee is lacking flavor now and if I’m not drinking coffee for the caffeine or the flavor, what the hell is the point?  So I looked up Sun Roasters today (as that is my most favorite coffee) to see what they had to offer and I found that they made an organic flavored decaf!  I had to call and find out more!  I spoke with Charlie who told me they do make it but don’t sell it in stores and only fill orders for vendors… but that if I didn’t mind grinding my own beans he may be able to do something for me!  He asked that I send him an email and he’d get back to me.  Of course I sent him an email praising the quality of Sun Roasters coffee (which is not just propaganda!), what I was looking for and how great my life would be if I could get it.  I’m not sure what Charlie has in mind, or how much it will cost but I am anxious to find out and am not really so concerned with the cost (I say that now because I can’t fathom it being too crazy, but who knows!).

I’ve noticed my excessive sweating in the mornings has subsided considerably since I cut down on the caffeine (I have crazy sweating issues, being blamed on the thyroid and testosterone levels being in abnormal ranges.  I have combated the underarm sweat with Drysol so really only the morning sweats are still present).  I’m usually wicked energetic naturally and caffeine enhances this and tends to make me jittery and shaky, I also feel an OD effect by early afternoons, I can’t describe this feeling but I contributed it to the caffeine – now that it is gone I know I was right.  🙂

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