It’s no secret my diet has been full of poison for the last few months – just typing that makes my stomach turn and I hang my head a lil lower.

I’ve been curious about gluten and have wanted to research the topic a little bit more; to be honest I don’t know anything about gluten other than I heard it may affect your mental stability (focus, depression, emotional imbalances).

My boss has told me many stories about her using an elimination diet to figure out if certain foods are causing certain issues (e.g.: goat cheese caused her migraines).

Reintroducing GMOs into my diet gave me the opportunity to see just how much of a negative effect they have on my body, physically and mentally!  Seeing this has convinced me that there may be other items in my diet that should be eliminated, at least temporarily to see if they are causing adverse reactions that I may be unaware of.  To know I could improve my quality of life by tweaking my diet a little is very inspiring.  I want to be the best person I can be, mostly I want to be healthy and happy.

Today I finally got the chance to look into gluten and right off the bat I know this is something that deserves my attention!  I’ve had arthritis since I was a child, at 22 I was prescribed naproxen and was refered to a rheumatologist.  I refused to take the naproxen based on the negative things I’ve heard about the drug and I was smart enough to recognise that I was in charge of my body and just because a Dr prescribed something doesn’t mean I had to take it.  Still today I am happy of that decision.   My mother was also concerned when I was in Jr. High and requested I be tested for lupus.  I tested negative but she had a hard time believing those results.   Now, most recently, I am having issues with my thyroid and testosterone levels and my Dr is concerned about those results and is requesting additional testing to rule out cervical cancer and try to figure out what the issue is.  After the little research I was able to do today, I am convinced gluten could be the cause of all of these undiagnosed symptoms!

I’ve decided to start a series of elimination diets to try to get to the bottom of this and improve my mental well-being.

So far the two biggest culprits are:

I’m told it takes two weeks but I don’t believe that, I think I will abstain for at least a month and then reintroduce the substance and see what happens.

As far as caffeine, I drink two full-caf cups of coffee a day during the week and one on the weekend days.  I feel like I am od’ing on caffeine.  I am very sensitive to caffeine where I cannot drink coffee after 4pm or I won’t sleep.  I also know I don’t need caffeine to wake up, I never missed it when I was going to the gym in the mornings (even though I still drank one cup afterwards).  I do love to drink coffee, it’s like my morning cigarette (No, I don’t smoke!).  So last night when I needed to buy coffee I looked for a flavored, organic decaf – not happening.  I settled on a bag of each (figured it was best I don’t go cold turkey anyway as I have a tendency to get migraines when I skip caffeine); so I mixed them 50/50 and will decrease the caffeinated part each time the container needs filling.   I am not against caffeine, the opposite actually; I believe caffeine is healthy in moderation so I may keep a 25/75% mixture.  My intent is to lower my consumption to a more healthy (for me) level.

I will keep researching gluten and start eliminating it from my diet – something tells me this is going to be very difficult.


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