Feed Your Soul

Things are a little better as far as what I am eating, but far from where I want to be.
[I can’t believe I haven’t written in over a month!]

The Distraction has been around daily since my last post (but probably not so much from this post on :/ ).  He looked at me Saturday morning while I sat with my pen to blank list and rolled his eyes.  I said, “What, it’s Saturday again?”   He said I put too much stress into it.  It’s not true.  I don’t make the stress.  I want delicious meals that are easily prepared throughout the week that will make good lunch left-overs.  It’s hard to come up with different meals every week!  I do my best not to stress it but inevitably I have weeks (more often than not) that I become complete mush and can’t think of a single meal to make.

Since my last post we’ve been out to eat a few times (of course out of necessity and not for pleasure!): South of the Border (2x) and we went to breakfast 2x .  That’s an awful lot of GMO’s in a month!  UCK!  Of course, I have my own life outside of him and am faced with numerous offerings every day.  I’m noticing it was so much easier to say “no” last year than it is this year, what’s up with that??  I’ve eaten cake at work a couple of times and a few other little offenses around the office, I don’t know why I am feeling more okay about it than ever.  Is it because I have the GMO’s in me??

I’ve been really crazy lately, emotionally I just am a mess which is very out of character for me.  My sister was watching me break down last night when she looked at me, eyes wide and declared, “It’s the GMO’s!  I bet in a couple of weeks when you’re back to normal with your eating, you’ll feel better.  IT’S THE GMO’S YOU’RE SAD ABOUT LOSING!”  We both know that’s not entirely true but she is right, if my diet had been pure for the last few weeks/months, I would be more able to deal with the turmoil happening in my life right now.

With that being said, I have to go to my company Christmas dinner tonight 😦
So frustrating sometimes!

Anyway, I came here to tell you all the good things I’ve been eating!

          Salmon!  YUM!  I’ve hated fish my entire life but slowly as I age I have been acquiring a taste for it.  I was served salmon at a friend’s house and I am hooked!  I’ve made it so many times since!  Can’t beat the feeling of a home-cooked, super healthy meal for lunch at work!  So I just take some potatoes, zucchini, then top with kale and then salmon on top, wrap it all up in foil and bake!  (Like 350 for uh, I can’t remember, 15 minutes?)

     Apples!  I told you I got orchard fresh apples brought to me all fall long and I sure did bake up a storm with them!  I made my Memere’s apple pie, an apple crisp, apple cobbler and a German apple pancake.  I love baked apple stuff!

Chicken pot pie is a favorite of mine in the winter.  It’s a complete meal, not too hard to make and feeds me for days; oh, and it tastes like awesomness!  (I made my own cream of chicken soup for this, also TJ’s pie crust & frozen foursome veggies, and once I didn’t have sour cream so I used cream cheese and it was wicked good!)

I wanted to make my mother’s [infamous] turkey pie (but with left-over chicken) but I couldn’t make gravy from scratch without poodsies so I had to come up with something else.  I found a recipe for a puff pastry turkey pie and I had been craving phyllo dough oddly enough, so I had to make it.  It came out good but I put off making the recipe for a while and I started to feel sketched out by the ingredients as they had been prepped in the fridge for about a week.  I wish I had flavored my chicken somehow before adding it to the recipe because it tasted like meat (I have this thing with meat, I just don’t want it to taste like dead animal).  Overall, it was easy to make (I really enjoyed cooking leeks for the first time!) and tasted good, plus it was really pretty! (maybe not so much in this picture though LOL)

I have made sausage and lentil soup and kale soup a couple of times each already and have a few servings in my freezer.  I mashed up some carrots and turnips and have that frozen, along with some sweet potato and the butternut.

My sister just gave me an awesome recipe for chicken that I just had for lunch and OMG it is ridiculous!  Mix some maple syrup with a little mayo (more syrup than mayo).  Pound your chicken breast out thin then coat it in the glaze then coat in crushed up pecans and panko (we both had found pecan panko breading at WF’s, which is why she went looking for this recipe).  Bake the chicken (400 for 20-30 mins?  You know I suck at this part LOL)  I had some of my turnips & carrots and kale with it – I’m still smiling from how delicious it all was!  ~ OH! Remember back in March when I visited my parents and we had the soy sauce debate?  Well, I’ve been cooking my kale in a covered pot with a splash of tamari and enough water to cover the bottom, and just cook it til it wilts – YUP!  It was the GMOs I didn’t like!  Because this is slammin!

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