Breaking Through

AHHH I LOVE IT!!!   With all the time The Distraction and I have been spending together, food is discussed a lot.  I’ve been feeling really gross lately, as you know I’ve been eating a lot of non-organic food over the last couple of weeks but this week has been a killer.  We went out to eat Sunday night and I ate those left-overs Monday and Tuesday.  I made Halloween brownies for a friend’s shower, they were a last-minute deal and I didn’t go organic; I have a package of chocolate covered graham cookies now that I’ve eaten about 4  (maybe 6!) of.  Yesterday a sales rep bought the entire office lunch from the long-awaited newly opened restaurant across the street.  I got the blackened mahi-mahi which was pan-seared in a wine sauce :/ of course I dipped some pieces of the fish into the honey-butter sauce… and ate most of the mashed potatoes.  That’s 4 straight days of at least one meal a day not even close to GMO-free!  The Distraction bluntly said, “It’s okay, you’re just not GMO-free anymore.”  That sort of turned my stomach.

So anyway, last night I was saying how gross I felt, how at 3:00 I could fall asleep on my desk!  Seriously, I have put my head down a couple of times!!  I feel so heavy and sluggish all the time and there are other things but I won’t go there 😉   After this discussion he was on his phone, looked up at me and said, “This shit is pretty new huh?  Like not long enough to really know what the effects are.  That’s crazy!”  I love that he looked it up, that I’ve given him enough info that he wants to know more on his own 🙂
He hasn’t even watched Food, Inc. yet!  LOL  Oh!  And I forgot!  He was reading through whatever article or site he was on and said, “But wait, are you sure it’s bad?  What about feeding the world?”  UGH!  Such propaganda!  I straightened him out on that real quick!  (and, in support of how the slow-food movement is helping the food crisis, THIS article!)


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