I totally suck!  NO!  The fact that I can’t eat out (comfortably) sucks!!

Again this weekend I printed recipes, made an appropriate shopping list, bought said ingredients … but never cooked a damn thing!  UGH!  What did I eat, you ask?  – We went out for hibachi 😦  (Well, it was super delicious and just what I needed and, did I mention, super delicious??)

I was asked what was so wrong about eating out on Sunday nights, “It’s just once a week”  Once a week?!  That’s a lot, no??  I think so!  I think once a month is a lot!
But alas I was running on empty and could barely get myself to the restaurant… and I wasn’t even driving!

This has got to stop!  Clearly my schedule has changed and I need to come up with a solution.  Something’s got to give and obviously it’s me.  Flexibility is key.


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