It’s Fall Again

I can tell by my insatiable urge to cook and bake!  The only problem is, I’ve recently come across a great distraction to my life and eating has become rushed and cooking close to imaginary.  I tried a recipe for butternut squash raviolis that looked awesome!  But… it called for wonton wrappers instead of pasta ravioli (which I thought would be awesome) so I picked some up at the Chinese-American Mart.  Of course after getting home I questioned the ingredients and why I would have bought them!  The ingredient list was less than favorable but I decided to grin and bear it and tried the recipe out last night.  UCK!  I constructed the ravs a few different ways but the end result was always a slimy, limp pile of grossness, so that was a fail.  I will def look for some organic pasta that I can fill myself because I bought the scallops and [craisins] already so I am craving that recipe; the filling was pretty good (mashed butternut with butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg, allspice and grated parmesan).

Luckily my new Distraction comes from the country bearing gifts of orchard fresh apples and honey straight from the hive!  😀  I made a german apple pancake and an apple cobbler so far.  It’s also very nice to have someone else’s opinion on my cooking, specially when it’s so favorable!  “Like you don’t know you’re a great cook”  😀  I made a delicious chicken pot pie, twice already!  I also made both a kale soup and a chicken soup – which I JUST realized I forgot the noodles!  DUH!  That was a meal I kinda pulled out of the air due to the Distraction.  I needed to cook the chicken, let it cool and de-bone it before even starting the soup!  My weekends are about so much more than cooking now so a 2-day recipe is no longer conducive, I had to improvise!  I cooked the chicken in the crock-pot (on high for 4-5 hours, onion and garlic in the cavity and with carrots and celery in the pot), deboned it when cool and refrigerated the meat.  In the morning I added the meat, poodsies (family word for bottom-of-the-pan-stuff), [cut up the] carrots and celery, spices (thyme, bay leaves, basil, pepper, salt, +whatever!) a few cups of chicken broth and cooked it in the crock-pot on low til I got home from work.  It was yummy and nothing beats coming home to dinner already ready!  My favorite accompaniment to soup is grilled cheese sandwiches and I have learned I can make one ahead of time and freeze it for lunch at work, just toast it up in the toaster oven!

Tonight I have a chicken breast that I froze in olive oil and spices, I’ll cook it in the toaster oven either on 350 or broil for about 15-20 minutes (I think.  I really suck at timing food!).  I took about 9 butternut squashes out of the garden a few weeks ago and managed to mash up some for the failed ravioli recipe, mash some up (maybe 2 cups) for the freezer, and cubed some raw for the freezer.  I still have about 6 more! LOL  I also cut up the last of the garden peppers and froze them, for what I don’t know but I’m sure I’ll figure it out! I also froze the chicken carcus and half of the chicken meat, I want to make my mother’s turkey pie (with chicken instead) but I am not sure what to do about the gravy, I don’t have any poodsies.   I bought some frozen Maine blueberries and am planning on making and freezing some pancakes.   I also have 3 bags (2 cups each) of frozen zucchini mush for bread.  I LOVE FREEZING FOOD!!!


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