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Whoa, Nelly!!  I just got all sorts of wrapped up in a fb conversation about ADHD and I ended up deleting this comment but I feel I needed to share it with someone!!  I just felt very accusatory posting this in response to all these moms I don’t even know (friend’s friends).
Original Post:
Just read an article in Parent’s about the # of children between say 2 and 5 diagnosed w bipolar..adhd..odd and prescribed antidepressants/anti-psychotics..and of course stimulants and sleep aids!! are you f%#^&&n’ kidding me??!! 2 and about a slap on the ass or a chair in the corner..these parent’s were’s just what she needed to “focus”..ohh..

if you believe in discipline not a country of zombified children..repost

This was followed by 5 comments agreeing and then mine:
How can you expect a child to have normal behavior if he is fed refined grains, sugars, processed foods loaded with chemicals, and juices and sodas instead of pure water? You cannot have a child with a healthy functioning brain when the proper ingredients to develop a healthy brain are not being given! –
If all else fails, slap ’em silly! – 😉

To which this lady replied:
Some kids are truly ADHD and no matter how many times you slap them, spank them or put them in the corner they just don’t get it. A child with TRUE ADHD has a disability and struggles on a daily basis just to fit in and function. Their struggles should not be taken likely or blamed on parents. ADHD is an underdevelopment of the frontal lobe of the brain. This is a disability not lack of parenting or too much refined sugar.

To which I replied (but deleted shortly after):
I def don’t argue whether it’s a disability (obviously it is) but I stand strongly by food additives (coloring, preservatives, genetic modification, pesticides) causing this underdevelopment of the frontal lobe. We are so accustomed to what we see in the grocery store being food, we falsely believe that “if they sell it, it is safe”. We need to go back to our Great-Grandparents’ roots and take back control of our bodies from the government and big business. Organic food isn’t a novelty, it’s the NATURAL and ORIGINAL food the human body was meant to consume and when that is in balance, the rest of the body is balanced. I’m certainly not telling anybody how to treat their child and understand that everyone is different, both physically and mentally.  But in my opinion, if a condition can be treated with food it only makes sense to question if food could also be the cause.   I also am not telling anyone they are wrong, I am asking that everyone question things. The government is like a well-oiled machine working in conjunction with big corporations and their only motivation is to make more money for themselves while not letting on to us. Be an informed consumer.


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