Exciting Updates!

Well, I ran Warrior Dash again a couple of weeks ago and had a great time!  I wanted to win but came in 72nd (out of 779) which I am still pretty proud of!  Of course I camped, but this time for 3 days!  We ate so well it was ridiculous!  I love cooking on a campfire, the process of cooking over an open flame and the smokey taste of the food makes me so happy!  I remember when I was a kid and I lived in a tent in the woods for a couple of months and me and my friend became quite the little campfire cooks, although back then it was more Hamburger Helper and hotdogs than grilled garden veggies and whole-wheat pizzas 😦

It was nice to be away from the city for a few days and really gave me a chance to clear my head and focus on what I want in my life (a seemingly hard question for me to answer!).  I have completely decided to start preparing to leave for a few years to explore the organic farms of America through an organization called WWOOF.  It is going to take me some time (like over a year…really I know it will take more like 2.5) but I am dedicated to it and will do at least one thing every day to move closer to my goal.  I am very excited to visit different farms and learn how each works.  Fruits, vegetables, meats, I want to learn all I can!  I will collect recipes from different parts of the country and share them with you, of course!  I am especially excited about the food, to learn recipes using what is available in the garden and in different regions will really be interesting!  I can’t wait to meet the different people and to travel the States!  The reason I am thinking it will take 2 years before I can leave is because I want to tie up all my loose ends so I don’t have to come back until I am ready!  Maybe when I am done in the States I’ll venture out to places like Australia and New Zealand!  You know how badly I want to visit Australia!

I am also excited to tell you that I am looking into opportunities to test natural and organic products in order to give you some helpful feedback before you buy!  I think this would be a great direction for this blog to go in now that our first year is over!

Which leads me to you… what do you want from this blog??

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