Summer living is E.A.S.Y.

For real!  I can’t believe how awesome life is during the summer!

It started last weekend when I booked a local campsite for 9 days away, you know my first priority was food; food for the week, food for camping, and food for the next week (we know by now I only food shop on Saturdays, no exceptions!), all on one week’s food budget!  After consulting the grocery stores’ sales circulars, I got a menu of sausage and peppers, burgers, pizza, and steak kabobs. (Please note the overlapping ingredients in these dishes which is key to not going broke! Onions for all 4 dishes; mushrooms for the pizza and kabobs; sausage for the pizza and sausage & peppers; normally I would also use green peppers for the sausage & peppers and the kabobs but you’ll see that didn’t work out.  I overlap like this as much as possible, usually any left over produce gets used in salads.)

1 lb of grass-fed hamburg cost me $7 and after mixing the meat up with onions, garlic and spices, I pressed it into 5 delicious, Sara-sized patties – pretty good considering 2 plain hamburg patties from the meat counter cost about $4 and are too big that I end up throwing a few bites away.  I was able to find a nice grass-fed steak for under $7.  The sausage was on sale and I ended up with 7 links for about $7.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find organic green peppers anywhere (not from lack of trying!!) and ended up buying a frozen bag of red and green peppers with onions – luckily sausage and peppers is the EASIEST meal in the world and this bag of already prepped veggies made my life even easier, which I really needed at that crisis point in my night!  I couldn’t have been happier to throw that bag of peppers into two cans of tomato sauce (well, I could have used a 3rd but didn’t have it so I used my left-over pizza sauce) and leave it alone in the oven for an hour; an hour I used wisely by going to my sister’s to pick up last-minute camping gear!  Friday I cut up the steak and threw it into a tupperware, my friend had gotten the marinade so I figured I could just add it to the tupperware when I saw him.  I cut up the red peppers, yellow peppers, and onion and put them in a ziplock with mushrooms.

Saturday morning came and it was quickly realized breakfast had been neglected 😦  We threw some bread on the rack until it toasted, added PB and a banana – happy campers!  Until I realized I forgot to bring my pan and a pitcher for the rum drin…oh shit, where’s the rum!?  After 2 garage sales and a liquor store run we came back to camp toting a pitcher, pot with lid,  slotted spoon and rum.  😀  We heated up some sausage and peppers then took a nice nap in the sun, woke up and made some killer popcorn (from kernel) on the fire.  Dinner was a success, as was the rest of the trip!  Not an empty belly or disappointed taste bud to be heard from!

After living off the land last week I was really ready to restock the kitchen this weekend!  My main concern this time was having lots of portable food for the long weekend, whatever it may bring.   My mother used to make a sandwich stuffing when I was a kid that has always been a favorite of my sister and I – you do remember my sister and I have extremely different taste buds, right?  I don’t know why I never tried this last year, maybe I was scared off by the ham, but once I found ham there was no stopping stuff sandwiches!  I also came across a great recipe for pasta salad – I know, it’s not brain surgery but I am very specific when it comes to my tastes for pasta salad and this one was PERFECT!  All of this food was easy enough to prepare late Saturday night and fed my sister and I in the woods, on the water and in the woods again (two full days) and was cooler portable and, as we found out while in the middle of the woods Sunday, you don’t even need utensils to serve or eat with (although, it works much better when you do have them)!

So here I am on the Tuesday after the 4th and I have plenty of food in the kitchen and am thrilled about it!  I just love how easy life is in the summer – which confuses me considering how busy the summer is versus the winter but I guess it’s just the food available makes me happy and when I am happy my brain functions better and I am able to come up with food ideas!  Oh, and it helps that I can stop and pick whatever is ready to be picked out of the various gardens I have access to 😀

Last but certainly not least, Happy 1st Anniversary to my sister and I – One whole year of whole food!  ❤


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  1. Happy Anniversary to you Sista!!! XO


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