I went camping last weekend and left myself a little short on money and food for the work week.  By “a little short” I mean, I have $20 to my name.  I stopped at Shaw’s and when I left I noted how my priorities have changed.  With that $20 it was important for me to have milk, a tomato, tomato sauce, protein bars, and spinach.  I remember when this list would have consisted of microwave diet meals and boxed or frozen meal starters full of CAFO meat and nitrates and who-knows what else!

So quickly writing this post in my head I realized – this weekend marks the 1 year anniversary of my GMO-free diet!  WOW!  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in the past but I’ve had  pretty bothersome arthritis since I was young but I’ve noticed over the winter that I hadn’t complained of the pain or weather at all!  I also have always wanted to be able to run, I remember being a kid and trying to do the mile in gym class; I’d be lucky if I could run 10 yards without having to stop to catch my breath!  Now I am able to run a full 30 minutes/3.5 miles without stopping, and without any knee pain!!  Yes, sometimes it sucks to not be able to be lazy and order a pizza or go to a restaurant but I think the way I feel and how I am treating my body is more important than those conveniences.  It also amazes me that I am able to do this!  I love to amaze myself, it’s such a wonderful feeling!  I used to be so lazy when it came to my food choices, there were times when I would eat fast food at least once a day for month-long stretches!

I love myself and my body and can’t imagine giving up my diet!  Whether people believe me or not, this is exactly how I want to be living (well, I could use a little more help from the government!).

Here’s to another year of healthy eating and toxin ridding!  I hope I have encouraged some of you to at least make a few small changes in your life!

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