General Mills (currently represented on the OTA board by Craig Weakly of Small Planet Foods), H.J. Heinz Co. (invested in the Hain-Celestial Group), PepsiCo (Tropicana and Quaker produce a few organic products), and Kellogg’s (owns Kashi), joined a coalition of corporate giants – the “Coalition Against the Costly Labeling Law” – including chemical makers Monsanto and DuPont, agribusiness ConAgra, food processor Sara Lee, the pesticide lobbying group CropLife and the junk food lobbying group the Grocery Manufacturers Association, in spending some $5.5 million to defeat mandatory GMO labels.  – Organic Consumers Association; “Organic Spies Find Ties: Organic Trade” Association “Modified” By GMO Interests

Sign a petition here to get these influences out of the OTA.

I’m not one for participating in something like a food dump, but completely support those who organize and execute something like that.  Activism is what makes our country great; the people uniting to stand up to corporations or government to demand change!  I’m surprised that I am not the ring leader with megaphone in hand; seems like this would have been perfect for me as a child, what happened to me?  I’m ashamed to admit it but I am brainwashed by society and … actually do care what they think…?  I need to remedy this.  I need to be able to speak louder.  For now, my sister and I have started writing messages on our money, “Say NO to G.M.O’s”, etc.  Hey, people track dollar bills around the country, maybe they will look up GMO’s and get informed!  Today I decided I would print out some sort of GMO pamphlet and include it in each of my eBay auctions.   Tiny voice, I know, but it’s a start.

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