Here I go again…

Up, up and away … again!  My flight is booked for Easter weekend in PA with my brother’s family 🙂

I’m so not stressed about it either!  I figure, if I can get away with a week’s worth of clothes without checking a bag, I can do a weekend’s worth and use the extra room for food.  My sister-in-law (who is my only one but would most likely be the best even if I had 16!) sent me an email telling me she thinks she has a few places where she could get some organics and wanted to know what I would need as she ‘knows how important this is to me’.  I love her!

Other things going on in my life… I’ve been pretty good about my meals since I got back from Florida.  I made a delicious chicken dish (about 15x now!), the only change I made was adding a bag of TJ’s frozen organic jasmine rice and my chicken was marinated.  I also found some frozen organic pork pot stickers at WF’s (Annie Chung’s) – they are awesome!  I’ve used them a few times in a pinch; I’ve added a little teriyaki marinade to some of the TJ’s jasmine rice and what a great dinner!  Lots of chicken & rice happening, still haven’t made the Italian pot pies!

In my dating life, I’ve met someone and we’ve been spending a good amount of time together.  He’s not organic but very open to the idea; hell, if a guy knows what a GMO is already, I’m happy!  Saturday was the first time we spent an entire day together and during our afternoon dog walk he looked at me and said, “So wait, you don’t go out to eat, do you?” I looked at him, smiled and shook my head, “Not really, I mean I willllllll but I’d rather not…” we talked about food for the rest of the walk.  He jokingly said he could really go for an Olneyville burger and I jumped on the opportunity to make a food plan, “We could go to NY System, you can eat and then we can go by my house and I’ll make something real quick?”  While we were at NYS he asked if it bothered me that he ate [conventional food] in front of me, we talked more about food and I told him how I felt about different stuff – Like the wieners being piled up on the counter next to me, meat sauce dripping and the onion smell permeating my nostrils.  Man, what I wouldn’t have given to eat one of those…but at the same time, I didn’t want it.  I can’t explain it.  It’s like I knew I used to love wieners but even if I were to shut my brain down and eat one, I wouldn’t enjoy the taste now.  And then his burger came, oh man!  It looked soooooo good!  But instead of wanting a bite of it, I just made a mental note to put a burger on my grocery list this week.  Again with the french fries, it amazes me that I have absolutely no desire to eat a french fry!  We talked more about food and how I live my life around it.  Then we went to my house where I threw a handful of frozen broccoli into a pot boiling water and a Blake’s chicken mac & cheese in the microwave and within 5 minutes, was eating my own dinner (you know how much I love to appear low maintenance!). I also gave him the remnants of the conventional food in my pantry; 8 months later and my kitchen is almost completely void of any non-GMO food item!   Today I noticed he was still logged into Netflix on my laptop so I added Food, Inc. to his instant que 😉


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