Favorites – unfinished

Someone asked me why I haven’t shared my favorites brands and products with my readers.  That’s a very good question!  I mean, I spend 3 hours grocery shopping every week, why wouldn’t I pass along some of that info and save all of you some time?  Because of the conspiracy theorist within me.  I always have this constant, muted worry that these new brands I have incorporated into my life are not who I think they are; that they secretly engage in all the evils of the traditional food companies.

~ I just went to refer back to past posts with some of my research only to realize I’ve never even posted on the subject!  I found the info in an email to myself titled “I wish I could just starve myself”.

Here are some choice articles:

So with all that being said… I will share with you some of the products and brands that I’ve come to rely on (we’re leaving out the trust part, for now anyway).

Produce: As a rule, I do not buy my vegetables from Trader Joe’s, I haven’t had much luck with their shrink-wrapped produce.  I do buy whatever fruit they have; you can get 6 kiwis for $2 and bananas are like 29¢ ea.!  As a side note, I almost always buy my fruits and veggies in season, when out of season, I buy frozen (always check to see what country the product is from!) but don’t feel good about that either!  Thought process?  – It’s asparagus season, Farmer Joe (and Bob and Sam and Jackie) freeze their whole crop and sells the product to WF’s; we all go and buy Farmer Joe’s (and Bob’s and Sam’s and Jackie’s) whole crop from WF in 2 months; but WF never runs out of frozen organic asparagus… where is it coming from??

Meats: Again, I shy away from chicken at Trader Joe’s; all it took was one bad bag and I haven’t been able to try again.  They sell organic, grass-fed beef there for $6/lb (which is the same price as WF’s grass-fed, but WF’s isn’t organic) but there is just something weird about it.  It is mushy and after using it about 5 or 6 times, I’ve decide I don’t like it.  I only have bought beef once since this decision and it was packaged grass-fed from WF’s, I do not believe it is organic – hence why I haven’t been eating beef.

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  1. Posted by Carri on February 20, 2012 at 2:02 am

    I agree about Trader Joe’s organic grass fed ground beef tasting weird. At first I was so glad to see it being sold there. But after trying it twice, spaced months in between each purchase, I will never buy it there again. My family doesn’t like the taste of it either and I have to please them. Since then, I have found a local rancher in South Orange County, California who sells it at $7.00 per pound called 5 Bar Beef. We just tried 1 1/2 pounds of their grass fed ground beef in the form of tacos and it was good. So I am looking into having them as my supplier. But the cost of this stuff IS expensive and is making me think of eating less meat just to justify the cost when I buy it. I love meat and poultry too, so this is a hard decision for me to even contemplate.


    • Thanks for reading Carri. I just spent the last week with someone who taught me a lot about vegetarianism and how unhealthy animal-based proteins are… really got me thinking! I’ll try to get his resources posted, sounded like some great reads!


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