Sometimes eating whole is hard when you’re out living life.  Like being single and going on a date.  What a great way to make a first impression…as a lunatic!!  I’ve never been a huge fan of going out to eat as a first date, but accepted it as the norm and did it.  But now what?  As if my whole lifestyle isn’t hard enough to explain, now I have to do it before I even meet someone?!

I am happy to say I have met someone who also eats organic!  For our first date he cooked for me; pork tenderloin, roasted baby reds and fresh green beans with almonds – YUMMY!!  It was such a nice treat to have someone cook for me but I can’t explain the feeling of trust and how good that felt!  I’m so used to asking questions about where and what and how, it’s annoying to even me!  😛  It was nice to say “This is how I eat” and trust that he was able to make me a dinner that I wouldn’t have to ask about.  (There was a tiny portion of my mind that said I was just going to eat whatever he put on my plate even if it weren’t approved, but that was wasted thinking as everything seemed to pass – of course I was secretly looking at labels LOL)  Second date?  Oh well I got BUFFALO!! Yup, I did!  It was both of our first times eating buffalo and let me tell you – YUM!!  Oh, but that’s not all!  He made a vegetable melody to go along with it “Can you guess the theme?”  LOL FALL!!  Sweet potatoes, acorn squash, carrots and asparagus 🙂 OH! How can I forget dessert!?  3 kinds of apples dipped in melted caramel!

 (The picture leaves a lot to be desired but take my word for it!) 

Ok, I’ll admit it; there’s been a third date as well, and of course, it included food!  This time chicken caccitore with garlic bread and a delicious caprice salad

  So far, I’m a happy lil girl 🙂  Of course, I will keep you posted of any more deliciousness to come!


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