I know, I know, that’s not my slogan but I’m telling you, organics are taking over!!

Case in point: My sister and I went to Job Lot this weekend and when I passed her standing in the food aisle I said, “What’chu doing over there?” wondering why she’d pursue the food aisle at Job Lot, knowing there is nothing organic in there (too bad because we really enjoyed the bargains we’d find on gourmet food stuffs there).  “Just checking it out” she said, at the same time I exclaimed “Look at this!” and held up a bag of Organic Kettle Brand potato chips – the very same kind we both put back on the shelf at Whole Foods because it didn’t fit into our budgets that week (I pulled and put that bag on the shelf 4 times! LOL)  SCORE! $1.60! here at Job Lot ($3.99 at Whole Foods!!)  Almost simultaneously my sister said “Organic Olive Oil!”. This made me swing over to the first food aisle and take my time looking at each product, to my astonishment they had more (okay, maybe not more but definitely a lot!) organic foods than non! Potato chips, olive oil, chicken, vegetable and beef stocks, ground pepper, all types of cereal, apple sauces, puffed pineapple snacks (odd but cool!), some other interesting items that I have never heard of.  I was amazed!!! I mean a box of Organic Valley cereal was $2.99!  You can’t even get Cocoa Puffs for $2.99!!

I was so excited to share this info with you!!

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