I’m very upset about our food system.  I’m upset that the Humane Society inspected the farm these tainted eggs came from and suggested the FDA or the USDA go and inspect them.  I am upset that the general public accepts these recalls as normal.  They panic for a second, check their pantries, and then dismiss the issue.  They don’t even think that there is an issue!  Here I am fighting to inform people and spending more than I have to ‘vote’ YES on organic foods so the rest of the world can be healthy and people tell me I’m “crazy”, “crunchy” and a “conspiracy theorist”!!  They automatically dismiss what I say on the account that I am an “extremist”.  It baffles me! Ignorance is bliss I guess, until you find yourself throwing up blood after eating eggs that cost $1.25/dz! 

Have you stopped to think about why organic food cost more? 

 How about why your food is so cheep??  

I’m sorry, but I really needed to vent!

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