Round and Round!

My sister called me on Saturday stressing out about food.  I was right there with her.  The longer this goes, the harder it gets?  No, that’s not right.  The more I learn, the harder this gets.  I reread my last post and said “I know sis, I think I’ve been doing bad, but I don’t know! I don’t know what to think!”   We decided we wanted to visit her mother’s garden before going to do food shopping so off we went –  on our way we stopped to get our very last to-go coffee, a very sad day and for my sister, one for the record books! 

We returned with squash, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, onions and garlic!  We were too tired to cook when we got back so we went to Chipotle again… no, I haven’t written them to find out where their corn comes from 😦  I almost don’t want to know, I love the concept and I want to eat there – even more so now that I learned there is one just about in my backyard!  That was the one thing left on my to-do list this weekend; I promise, I will get that out this week!  I also wrote a few other emails asking some companies about my favorite foods, including Aldi food stores (I was sent a response asking me which products in particular I was inquiring about, however never got a response to that email) and Emerald Nuts (no response as of yet). 

On Sunday we finally made it out to my friend-from-highschool’s farm, he had invited me over a month ago but with all that is summer, I hadn’t been able to make it out there.  I’m SO glad I finally did!  What a great tour he gave us and what a wealth of information he is!!  We left there with potatoes, red basil, and chocolate mint (how fun!!).  One thing Mike said that resonated was long-term goals are what matters.  So he wasn’t able to turn a full crop and feed himself completely off his land, in 5 years he would be and that’s what mattered.  I also learned many people I graduated with have their own farms and are living this lifestyle already. This is great for so many reasons; makes me feel a sense of community, like I am not the only crazy one; provides me with a variety of foods from produce to meats; and now, not only do I know where the food is coming from but I actually know the farmer and where HE comes from!!  I want to move back to the country 😦   After this trip we went half on a tomato plant and were inspired to move to a farm and start a foster care program there. The mere thought of that plan is overwhelming!

So one thing that helped me this weekend was I bought a 100% certified organic product and it contained many of the no-no ingredients that I avoid; I know this sounds horrible but it was great to see!  Mostly because Trader Joe’s says no GMO’s but uses ingredients like MSG and the such leaving me to wonder if they really mean it.  Now I see you can use those ingredients responsibly which means I can trust Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods once again! (I know, this flip-flopping HAS to stop!)

We’re on a new week and I prepped a great amount of food for the week which will leave me free to prep for the weekend – my sister and I will be staying with family in Maine, yes I am nervous! 🙂


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  1. My stomach turns reading this! 4 years later I hardly shop at TJ’s unless it is actually organic and my blind trust for WF’s is no longer.

    I said what about MSG???? Hahahaha that’s funny!


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